Monday, June 11, 2012

Five Mistakes Warner Bros. Will Probably Make on the Justice League Movie

I know.  

Unless you're part of the unofficial comic book geek/movie buff club that I've designated myself into (I suspect there are more of us out there than I would guess - but I don't know if you read this blog), then you're wondering how this is relevant to you.  Well - consider this a metaphor for business.  If you have a brilliant idea and want to start something of your own, or even if you simply have a project that you're working on within your current career - take the next five items and apply it to your creative process as a "litmus test".  Also, keep in mind I'm not saying that the movie (or your business, or your project) can't or won't succeed despite how it measures up relative to these five items - but if you take them into account before starting, at least you're coming at it with your eyes wide open.

So, with that in mind - here are five ways I think that Warner Bros will likely screw this project up:
  1. Release it at the wrong time.  Yes, I know The Avengers is destroying the competition at the box office.  Put The Justice League out too early, and you're going to become part of the carnage.  Wait too long, and you'll lose the momentum.
  2. Take shortcuts and rush to release it.  Aside from the aforementioned point in regards to timing - a rushed project is rarely a good project.  Don't sacrifice quality for speed.
  3. Blindly copying the formula.  Just because it worked for The Avengers, doesn't mean it will work for you.  Part of the success that Avengers has found is because it was organic, and worked from a consistent vision right from the beginning.
  4. Ignoring the formula.  There are certain things you don't mess with in the mythos - know what those things are and stay true (I'm sorry, but Nicolas Cage in a glowing, plastic space suit is not, and never would have been, a good Superman.  True story.  Saw the concept pictures.  It was awful).
  5. Being afraid to change the things that don't work.  Despite what I've said previously, remember, you can't please everyone - someone will hate you if you make a change, others will hate you if you don't change it (while a glowing, plastic suit might not work - neither does bright blue tights and red spandex shorts.  You can stay true to the source without "Copy/Paste").

I will also say - the production company might do everything listed above... and still have a successful franchise on it's hands.  It's a guarantee for success or failure either way...

Sometimes, it's all about luck and momentum.


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