Thursday, June 14, 2012

I have love for all your hate.

Why is conflict so necessary? How is it that people hate so much? There is constantly stuff in the media about this war or that war and this kind of crap has been going on since time immemorial. With all the pain and suffering in the world it makes no sense to keep propagating hate and violence when there is so many people out there who have so much love.

It makes no sense to kill as a result of revenge of something that you love. It makes no sense for your kids to kill my kids because of something your grandfather said to mine. When is it enough? When can we just call it a day and get a long? Of course these are questions that have been asked in a million songs in a billion ways, but they still ring true.

There is no one-answer solution to this problem, obviously, but it can literally start with one person and why can’t that person be you?

This is a challenge for all of you to:

Make a point today of telling 5 people something nice about them today.

Make a point of shrugging off one of your prejudices today.

Make a point of hugging a loved one extra long today.

Make a point of helping somebody in need today.

Make a point of making a small charitable donation today.

Make a point of sharing some love for all of that hate.

~ Yoshia

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