Monday, June 04, 2012

Start the Week Off Right

Let's be honest - last week wasn't awesome from a news standpoint.

It started off with story that was so horrific that it seemed pulled from the pages of a horror novel, and since it got such a huge amount of publicity, it wound up being relayed over and over again, spawning more and more stories that shared nothing more in common than being equally awful.

Enough.  Yes, there is horror and atrocity in this world, and yes, it seems to make for better news - but in an effort to get this week off to a better start, I decided to grab something from the opposite end of the spectrum.

In China recently, there was a group of cyclists that were riding a 1000mile race over 20 days, climbing as high as 14,700ft and completing another 11 mountains that were over 13,000ft.  On the first day, a stray dog (in the picture) was given some food on the first day - and then ran with them for the next 20, completing the entire ride... on foot.  All along the way, the riders fed her, put her in a basket if conditions got treacherous, and let her sleep with them at night.  On the last day, when she was still with the group, one of the riders (the one who had originally given her the food) chose to adopt her - and named her Xiao Sa (Little Sa).  

This week, when you hear more of the terrible stories in the world - take a moment to find something positive that happened.  They're out there - they just don't get the same coverage.


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