Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Full wallet, empty house

At first I thought it was because you didn’t care. But then, seeing your surprised reaction to what seems so blatantly obvious, I began to rethink my hypothesis and arrive at the fact you just aren’t getting it.

Here’s the 411. You are a hungry, a-type workaholic who’s invested every minute of your waking life to get the bucks, so you could get the gal, so you could drive the car, so you could build the house, so you could live the life. It all worked out! You made your wad, spotted the gal, she saw the hunger, and with the same moves you use to broker the deals, you got her and envisioned the future together.

There inlay the challenge. T.o.g.e.t.h.e.r. What could not be predicted is that the first ½ million wouldn’t be enough for you. You had to chase the second, and then the third, and then the deal over there. You seemed to care less about the new born and more about the free room with gambling in Vegas all under the guise of doing it for ‘us’. Sure you made attempts to be there… but were you really there, or were you simply grooming your kids to become the same knucklehead you are. I recall telling someone my son’s motto was work hard & get rewarded. This guy looks at me and says, my son’s is work hard and make millions. "Isn’t that great"… he laughs. I look at his wife who I’ve seen come onto one of my buddies prior to meeting them and laugh too.

Anyways… suddenly, the gal you came home to had enough of your guys trips, last minute business meetings, grabbed the remaining shred of confidence she had left after single handedly mothering two kids, gaining weight, attending social functions, and making sure you presented like the sales GURU (because really we are all sales people so not really sure why you think your above every other sales person) you are…. and moved on. Whether or not it was in the physical sense or just mentally, it doesn’t matter, she moved on.

Of course ‘what a bitch’. Of course ‘who’s the asshole’. And of course you can walk into your guys club and moan like a 5 year old who’s lost his favorite toy. But while you are insecurely gluing your ego back together amongst a bunch of the intellects who have done the same thing, we have a simple analogy for you.

Sunlight and plants.

Remember gr 11 science class when you seeded a plant & took it home in the Styrofoam cup? Well, when you left that sucker in the dark… it wilted and died. Shine light on it, and it flourished. Even if a glimpse of light, that plant would lean lean lean towards it. It’s the same game with people, except its called attention! Sometimes the sunlight is simply shining, not intended for one specific plant over another. The plants find the sun.

If you want to know how your gal became detached, your children started to hate you and your wallet emptied by ½, voice activate the mirror in your SL9000 to look directly at you.

PAY ATTENTION. It's not that difficult.

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