Monday, August 20, 2012

I want to be toned...

So you want to be fit? Awesome, what exactly does that mean to you and what are you prepared to do to get there?

Over my career as a personal trainer I have been asked this plus how and what to do too many times to count. ‘Eat more, sleep more, remove stress, eat healthy fats and try to eat too many vegetables…’ only to hear, ‘oh, I can’t do that’, they’ll say, ‘is there another way?’

No, there is no way to be fit unless you provide your body what it needs. Plus you may have to remove some things from your reach permanently…yes, that includes staying up late, starving yourself and killing yourself with cardio…

I have come to understand that in some cases it is not actually someone’s fault that they have slipped towards a larger body fat percentage or that someone has developed a metabolic syndrome which is now effecting the way their body operates…now I’m not advocating the blame game and actually, now that you have read the above, you owe it to yourself to investigate these questions for yourself. If you don’t know how, hire someone who is certified and does….

As I sit in coffee shops reading or writing I am amazed how many people still order fat free and soy lattes. The fear of death is in them that consuming fat will kill them or make them add extra fat weight immediately. Get it through your head, we need healthy fats in our diet and we need a lot. Consuming lean meats, no healthy fat, ill-timed grains and carbs like fruits is not healthy. Sorry to burst your bubble. Starting your day with a small oat bar a skinny latte and a nice does of stress will send you straight to unhealthy town.

No I am not against yogurt for breakfast. It’s not my first pick for you but if it’s that or cereal then Ill pick the yogurt…just make sure it’s organic, full fat, plain greek yogurt. Not going to get into the facts about GMO foods but if you think you are beyond the reach of these bad boys think again. As many as one-fifth of all dairy cows in America are pumped with these hormones. These deadly drugs are banned in 27 countries but are allowed in most US cows. If you must consume dairy, please buy organic.

Here’s an additional thought, try living without dairy or grains for a bit and see how your body reacts…or get tested to find out exactly what your body reacts well or poorly to…since inflation is the body’s general reaction for everything, remove the inflammation and allow the body to run more efficiently. A trainer can always tell what someone ate over the weekend based on any inflammation on Monday morning. When you look in the mirror first thing; is your face puffy or blotchy from some poor choices?

This may seem like a rant but trust us, we want to help and we want you to be healthy. It’s our job to inform plus show you the path. It is up to you if you are willing to be the change you want to see and give that path a try.

richard alm

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