Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sipping on Some Morning Motivation!

Many of us find ourselves in motivational slumps that we have to work to get out of. Sometimes it’s like a continuous cycle where we are motivated for a period of time, fall out and then have to build things back up again. A good way to be continuously self-motivated is to implement and plan these simple 8 steps in your daily routine. 

Some Morning Motivational Steps to Stay Self-Motivated Throughout Your Day!

1. Start simple. Keep motivators around your work area & in your life – things that give you that initial spark to get going. When you have & incorporate motivating events, items, memories of experiences, etc. – it fuels you to be motivated on achieving or acquiring more.

2. Keep good company. Make more regular encounters with positive and motivated people. This could be as simple as chats with peers or a quick discussion with a friend who enjoys sharing & collaborating on ideas. You are a product of who you surround yourself with – you want to be motivated & great – surround yourself with those are the same.

3. Keep learning. Read and try to take in everything you can. The more you learn, the more confident you become in starting projects. The more confident you are, the more you are motivated to see something come to fruition!

4. Stay Positive. See the good in bad. When encountering obstacles, you want to be in the habit of finding what works to get over them. Those that remain motivated through obstacles are those who are eager to get to the solution as soon as possible.

5. Stop thinking. Just do. If you find motivation for a particular project lacking, try getting started on something else. Something trivial even, then you’ll develop the momentum to begin the more important stuff. However, don’t put off what you need to get done – we can’t procrastinate or avoid the things we enjoy less for the things that we love.

6. Know yourself. Keep notes on when your motivation sucks and when you feel like a superstar. There will be a pattern that, once you are aware of, you can work around and develop. And then avoid the situations, people, or events that take you off track (or put you back on track).

7. Track your progress. Keep a tally or a progress bar for ongoing projects. When you see something growing you will always want to nurture it. It’s the principle behind many financial savings books and should be the principle behind your goal setting. When people check items off their ‘to do’ lists – they are motivated to check more off!

8. Help others. Share your ideas and help friends get motivated. Seeing others do well will motivate you to do the same. Write about your success, share your experiences and then get feedback from those that are paying attention, being inspired, or are now motivated to do the same.  

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