Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The $100 000 thief.

Can be found thriving across middle management levels across hundreds of organizations, have a particular affinity for government jobs and depend on the red tape gift wrap to remain both relevant & stagnant in a dynamic business landscape. Who are these police of policy, conspirators of compliance and general executioners of energy? They are the $100 000 thief.

The $100 000 thief busts their but to ‘put in their time’ to ‘crawl up the ranks’ and then do whatever possible to protect their fiefdoms from outside influence, intention and certainly ideas. Some are people put in place to promote collaboration only to turn around and smother it. Some are the people appointed to create new ideas only to stifle them upon further review. Some are people who have reached their major league career contracts and will do anything and everything to protect them.

It’s like giving the athletes payment prior to performance. Where’s the incentive? Do we think the office-version-athlete is going to support, endorse, approve of ideas from the hungry up & coming 50kr’s? Of course not. They are set. Six figures, gas, phone, medical & dental and now they & the organization often have nowhere to go but down. Down the path of diminishing returns, but fantastic looking reports (derived from jr up & comers).

We’ve all experienced the $100 000 thief at one point or the other. Bragging bout their infallibility, creating barriers around our professional questions or telling us about their cushy gigs. They are usually overweight, wear glasses, have pictures of the family & vacation houses on their empty desks, exude an annoying heir of ignorance when you speak with them and are nowhere to be found at 10:15, noon through 1, 2:15 or 4:45. Good luck getting a prompt reply from them (or a reply at all if you have a great suggestion that could being added efficiency or savings to their organization).

What’s more interesting about the $100 000 thief is they are oblivious to their inevitable downfall. Great business leaders will pay attention to this theft and you will be exposed for the criminal you are.
Don’t aspire to be a $100 000 thief. There’s much more reward & gratification to be had sharing in the profits of a continually evolving, growing and thriving organization and our world economy is about to eradicate this area of organizational weakness.

Be great!

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