Monday, August 13, 2012


If only I had just a little more time. Heard that one before? Ever said it? Everyone is guilty of throwing away time as much as saying that they are looking forward to some when they are busy in that moment. Where does one find more time?

For such a simple word, it really holds the supreme authority. I mean, you can always count on time.

I was recently on an operating table for a repair of an injury which forced me away from my routine. Forced me away from most of the sports and athletics I enjoy, so right away I was given a crap load of time.

Can’t work. Can’t train. Yikes.

Once the acceptance set in, the gift of time concept started to show itself. I went through the nothing stage for a couple days but then my day timer was starting to fill up with planning the completion of old task sheets, sorting personal files, dentist appointments etc. The tasks were getting complete, the junk drawers were all clean and all of the items on the to-do lists had been compiled into manageable organic entries in my day timer. My time now, although hindered by my recovery, was shaped very differently than before, ‘the normal, up at 5am and racing the life boat till the hopeful 9pm bedtimes’ With any stress and disorder there seems to be an allowance for complacency. This is where getting stuck in a rut it dangerous. Seriously, this needs to be addressed. Don’t waste your life being stressed out and staying busy with no order. Don’t be the one blaming or fighting any feedback either. Use time as your advantage not your shackles.

Now the sun dictated my sleep cycle. Getting up well rested should really be the first completed goal every day...straight to eating breakfast, water and a little continuing ed reading of some sort. An easy walk to a café to drink coffee and touch the keyboards for a bit. Plan out or set up a meeting, compile some notes and take the time to enjoy the surroundings. With extra time you can park further away or stop to pay attention a little longer. With extra time one can focus on the things we let slip away and reclaim the state of mind that can be lost to the hustle and bustle. With extra time one can become more organized. In fact the best way to deal with stress is to become more organized so in turn this was a very relaxing experience. With the mild pain accompanying my recovery there has still been the presence of calmness.

My free-time has a timeline; this is not a normal lotto story. As I heal and get stronger I will complete my term of forced time-off and rejoin the workforce. A great lesson that I have learned is that I have the choice in regards to what habits I want to bring back with me. Right now it is very clear but one can see how quickly this clarity can flee only leaving that narrow-mindedness. This state is hidden by the stress and disorder that will only shut down the creative sparks and zest for life. One only has to look at kids playing in the park or beach to see the real-time example…freedom.

What’s the next step besides winning the lotto? This is not about quitting your job and becoming a hippy – although that may be the best option for those who are truly lost…

Try simple things:

Get up earlier.
Don’t play the excuse card.
Plan out your week the Thursday before.
Set achievable goals, make them and recalibrate your sights. Get out of your comfort zone.
Leave your cell phone off for the wknd.
Commit to cutting down your duties if possible.
Walk somewhere.
Write a letter.

Take control over your time or time will take control over you.

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