Monday, September 24, 2012

Crazy 8's

It’s not a complete list but it's close to the top tips shared on a weekly basis to those looking for anything from an improved body composition to just feeling better about oneself. Enjoy and good luck to whatever goal you are currently working on…

Sleep: Get a good night’s sleep by keeping all electronics and lights out of your room at nigh. Stay away from your computer late at night as the LED light tricks us into staying awake plus the emails or work you are doing will not be relaxing. Read a book by candlelight in a chair vs watching tv in bed.

Water: Set and work on your daily water goal by sipping your water all day long. Any gulps will cause more bathroom breaks as heavy gulps will end up further/faster down the line vs absorbing evenly as you sip.

Protein: Set and work on your daily protein goal by starting your days with protein and including it in your snacks and meals. Ensure you are getting enough healthy fats by eating nuts, seeds and supplementing on fish oils made from small cold water fish.

Vegetables: Your mom was right! Hammer vegetables down like it’s your job. Pick a variety of in-season vegetables and rotate them in your meals as the body can get use to the fiber. Choose different ways of preparing that include; juicing, raw, steamed, cooked and grilled.

Move around: Exercise is more than important, it’s essential. Stretching is as important as exercise. Don’t be the one who goes for a run and doesn’t stretch. Adopt a weekly yoga class or rent a yoga dvd from the library because improving flexibility can reduce the chance of injury and even help us sleep.

Sugar: Cut it down or even out. It’s a tall order but sugar is toxic and removing it will help you more than you may realize. We messed up; we are killing ourselves with this addictive substance. Damn you tasty treats!

Processed foods: Only allow whole foods into your mouths. Any foods that need 10-30 processing steps will not have the nutrients that your body needs. Eating heavily processed foods is the same as starving yourself as these foods only trick us into feeling full or that we have satisfied our natural cravings for healthy foods.

Inflammation: This little gem causes us to age and die. Cut down on oxidative stress by removing foods that are difficult to digest or that cause an inflammatory response in your body. A top 6 list would look like this; eggs, soy, corn, gluten, yeast and dairy.

Less is more ya’ll and setting an achievable plan/goal will get you there faster than setting yourself up with something you can’t follow ;)

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