Monday, September 17, 2012

Put it down

Are you one of the many who are enchanted with their smart phone? Have you seen the youtube video of the customer walking through a mall on their phone who walks into a fountain…seriously, you may have a problem.

While on a beautiful walk last week I came upon a family of 4 who were taking a water break. We were obviously in cell range because surprize surprize, 3 out of the 4 were on their phones; text messaging, facebooking or checking email. Ill guess the dad was checking business while the kids were managing their social media hubs…a painful excuse. ‘careful not to look up at the natural beauty all around you guys’, I should’ve said…
All one really has to do is ride public transit or look at a crowd during an intermission…we can’t unplug.

Let’s look at a couple basic health issues with this:

Posture. Ok, Ill be the first to admit, proper posture is sexy. Never have I been with anyone who said, ‘look at that girl, with her rounded shoulders and forward head carriage’ casue it is not hot!
Plain and simple, using a smart phone or device will promote anterior strain which pulls everything out front. We already live too many steps ahead, don’t physically show that you are reversing your evolutionary posture.

Dirty energy. Simple, my sleep improved as soon as I got my cell phone out of my room at night and so will yours. First off, if you check your email in the middle of the night that LED light is enough to shut down your melatonin production which turns off recovery and tricks your mind into turning on your systems hours before they are meant to be on. Not only is checking email in the middle of the night stressful, the radiation of your phone during sleep is enough to disturb your sleep cycle…seriously, who doesn’t need sleep? Get your cell phone/computers out of your room.

Time management. Have you ever heard of batching? It’s the simple idea of dedicating blocks of time to similar tasks in order to decrease distraction and increase productivity. If you gain anything out of today’s post, please research this concept because this little gem will decrease stress and help you gain control over a chuck of your free time.

Don’t be a slave to your technology, open your eyes and soak up the world…that little cell phone will not hold you tight at night…if you are too enchanted with that phone you may miss the opportunity of meeting that someone special or worse, with your eyes down you may walk into a fountain in the middle of a mall hahaha

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