Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What is 'great?'

Great isn’t aspiring to do things well. It’s doing them well.
Great isn’t a like on someone else’s Facebook quote. It’s creating your own own quote
Great isn’t seeking or needing external source of motivation. It’s a practiced, learned, burning desire that flows from within.
Great isn’t saying your going to do something and not doing it. It’s stating what you’re going to do and doing what you state more than less.
Great isn’t selling the company your grandparents & parents built from nothing. It’s leaving it in better standing than you found it
Great isn’t ‘that’s not my job, my fault, my responsibility, my problem’. It’s ownership.
Great isn’t being sometimes on & dialed. It’s being dialed and on most/all the time.
Great isn’t having to be fired up by someone else. It’s you firing yourself up.
Great isn’t excuses & justifications. It’s solutions

What makes businesses great?
The willingness to continue to do what few were prepared to do & go where few were prepared to go.
The extra mile. 

The Extra Mile:
isn’t a one time thing – it’s an all the time thing.

When we’re not great we are the same as everyone else.
                                                               who says one thing and does another.
who over promises and under delivers
who lobs excuses, blames and justifies
who needs to be fired up by someone else
who’s dialed when it’s convenient for them
who pack it in and move on when the going get’s “tough”

Great is a choice.
                           you either choose to be great or you don’t. Every day. Every facet of your life.
if you want to reach extraordinary levels in your personal & professional life....
you need to make the choice to be great or understand why you’re tracking ‘Just... Like... Everyone.... Else....’

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