Friday, September 07, 2012

What Makes "Super Foods" Super?


“Super foods” tend to describe food containing a high concentration of nutrients compared to other foods, and are void of unhealthy properties such as saturated fat, preservatives and artificial ingredients. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants essential for cell development and defense against chronic diseases.

Whole, raw, sprouted, and fermented foods are also typically “super foods”. They are higher in enzymes, easier to digest and absorb. Sprouting, for example, biochemically enhances the nutrient assimilation.

The first nutrient, Chlorella, is part of the “green super foods” which contain nutrients such as chlorophyll, and have detoxifying, energizing, immune-strengthening and rebuilding properties. Chlorella contains high sources of protein, beta-carotene, and nucleic acids of all plant and animal foods. It also contains the essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6, anti-inflammatory agents.

  •  It is a gentle cleanser of detoxifier
  •  Immune enhancing effects, cellular growth, renewal and repair
  •  Binds with heavy metals, pesticides and carcinogens

·    Chlorella can be used in your smoothie as greens, or taken in tablet form as a supplement. Some great brands to look out for are Earthrise, Sun Chlorella, and Natures Gate

  •   High in fiber & Omega 3’s
  •   High in Vitamin C, magnesium, calcium and iron
  •  Use in a variety of dishes, salad, soups, wraps, smoothies or on top of hot cereal or yogurt

“Holy Crap” cereal is a combination of chia and hemp seeds. This is a fantastic nutrient boost to smoothies, or on its own with sliced apple and cinnamon.

Coconut Oil: Against the definition of a traditional “super food” this is a saturated fat that is good for you!
  •   Look for unrefined, extra virgin and in a glass jar
  •   Its medium chained triglycerides are small so it does not deposit in the liver
  •  Boosts metabolism and helpful for weight loss

In can be used to cook with, half and half with a small amount of butter and has a high smoke point compared to other oils. It is also great for your skin!

  •  Nori, Kambu, Wakame
  • High in Calcium (several times more than cows milk)
  •  Component called Algin removes pesticides and heavy metals from the body
  •  Immune booster

Recently this has become a popular snack, but watch out for yummy tasting seaweed to be covered in sodium and artificial flavours. Stick to plain and use in soups, stews, and salads.

Do Match Tea:
  •  Is a high grade green tea, equal to 10 cups of normal green tea
  •  Due to the phyto-nutrients in Match, the caffeine is assimilated to allow for sustained   energy and mental clarity in the 4-8 hr range
  • The amino acid L-Theanine aka “zen nutrient” contributes to the calming affect
  • Assist with stabilizing blood sugar levels, is a blood detoxifier
  •  Is high in antioxidants

This will get more expensive the better the grade of tea it is. Try ½ tsp. with one cup of water (hot or cold).

There are several interesting low calorie, high nutrient packed foods out there to try and I would suggest looking in to adding 1-2 to your grocery list at a time. Whole foods and a variety in your selection of foods is the way to go. Now of course, add a little adventure with your new “super foods”! 

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Valerie said...

Yes, chlorella is already familiar to me because it has been my partner when it comes to detoxifying and supplementing myself. Been taking it for more than a year now, actually.