Wednesday, October 17, 2012

7 years & 4 Minutes.


With the (deserved) frenzy of press around a record setting feat, there exists the possibility of learning if we sift just past "damn, that was cool!"

  1. The world is talking about how cool Felix Baumgartner is because almost 7.3 million people watched it live (20 second delay just in case) on YouTube (that's also a record). In our world, news is fast and then it's often forgotten. To achieve anything amazing, you need to set and stick to long term goals. This jump has been a work in progress for 7 years for Baumgartner, a corporately sponsored effort for 5 years.
  2. As per above, the degree of planning and risk management that goes into any massive endeavour must exceed the level of the risk itself. Mount Everest, for instance, carries about a 25% chance of death some years, and this isn't for day hikers.
  3. Like most experts, skydiving has been cool for "fearless Felix" way longer than the rest of us... he has logged over 2,500 sky dives before his record setting dive.  In other words, he did what he was passionate about (that's 2 dives a week for 25 years) and he defined success for himself rather than follow what everyone else was doing.
  4. "Dream big" might be what a lot of people learned from the 24 mile; Mach 1.24 sky dive, but perhaps a better lesson is when you're done dreaming big - the only way to make any of it happen is to work your ass off. SEVEN years after he committed to the goal it became a reality, and it was delayed at least 4 times due to factors outside Baumgartner's control (ie weather). If something as uncontrollable as weather can impact your fate, you had better make sure everything within your control - has been controlled.

Get busy living, and by that I mean don't just read this and then onto the next email.
Ask yourself, am I doing at least ONE THING today or at least this week to move my life forward on purpose? Hopefully the answer to this audience is - yes.

Submitted by Stan Peake. 


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