Monday, October 22, 2012

Build your team

No matter which stage you are in, there will always be positive benefits to building your team. A team comprises a group of people or animals linked together in a common purpose. Teams normally have members with complementary skills and generate synergy through a coordinated effort which allows each member to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses… When approaching a problem, it can be wise to access your team for assistance. Unless you are in the mountains and setting up a solo accent, there can always be a use for a team. Your first member is yourself and you yourself are the most important member. You are holding yourself accountable, you are personally responsible for the ‘team’ and the state of affairs it works on – your life. When we begin to build the team, we shouldn't have to look too far for its members. You may have already started building one. Maybe you prefer a specific barista at your coffee shop or possibly you have a favorite checkout attendant where you buy your veggies…these are all members of your team. Take it a step further; do you have a good friend a couple days a week to train with or you may even be lucky enough to have a trainer you work with. Associating specific tasks to specific people will aid in adherence and progression to the goals related to that team. Financial planner, barber, butcher and mechanic…these are all your team mates and whether you like it or not you have selected them to accompany you with/to your success. Are all your team members rowing the same direction? When looking loosely at life’s team members you will be lucky to have the bus driver and landlord working together but why not access a new team that has your best interests at heart, simultaneously you having their best interest at heart? Whether you are starting a new business or setting up a block watch, gathering others with similar goals may enable you to break into that next level personally and professionally. Not only will collaboration result in new ways of looking at a problem but being held accountable to a group is a great motivator to establish. We all need to be accountable and if you are unable to be accountable to yourself then you better build a group to help achieve this notion as this lost art has a power you may be looking for. We are only as strong as we choose to be…it may be time to revisit this concept because you may need to find others to be accountable to in order to jump start your journey towards your success.

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