Friday, October 19, 2012

Dirty Dozen

Although research is mixed on this topic, there are certainly at least some benefits to eating organic foods. Organic means the food has come from a farm where no pesticides or chemical fertilizers have been used to grow the food. There are benefits for the farmers who are exposed to fewer toxins, benefits for the environment and for those of us who will be ingesting fewer toxins. More and more individuals are taking precaution just in case, regardless of what the research has yielded. Some, such as pregnant women and parents of young children are also taking precaution to avoid increased exposure to chemicals. 

The difficulty, and perhaps hard part, for most people is the extra cost associated with purchasing organic food. If you have bought it before, you know that it does not last as long as non-organic food and that it often is all different sizes at the market and maybe not quite as "pretty" as its non-organic counter part. That has been my experience, and to build a bridge between ingesting extra unnecessary toxins and not breaking the bank I abide by the "Dirty Dozen" list whenever possible! 

These are 12 of the most contaminated fruits and vegetables to avoid eating, to lower your pesticide intake substantially. The lists can differ year-to-year, and will also depend on the area you live; 

 Bell Peppers

 In addition to following the dirty dozen list, you can find products out there to use to soak your vegetables and fruit in to reduce the chemicals and residue. Another way to cut down on chemicals in your home are to use cloths that contain anti-bacterial agents, and require no additional cleaning agent such as products from Norwex. You can find products for your home, body and food!

An excellent way to keep food fresher longer is to use a storage container that allows circulation versus placing them in a bag or in nothing at all in your crisper. Look for containers that have a grate placed in the bottom of them and this will allow vegetables to breathe, but still be limited to light and too much oxygen, which accelerates decomposition. 

Keep things fresh and healthy in your life! 

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