Monday, October 01, 2012

How long will it take?

When starting a new regime like a healthy diet and lifestyle, how long does it take to see and feel a result? This is the million dollar question because the timeline will differ from person to person. Many factors are in play when it comes to our bodies deciding how to behave in a healthy manor. Seriously, I just referred to the body as, ‘deciding how to behave’? Yup, the simple fact is that if you have taught your body to react a certain way to your style of health and nutrition that has been maintained for over a decade, then it will take a while to retrain your internal systems. Just look in the mirror, are you going to change in 2weeks? Nope. It takes more time than 2weeks to create a habit. Can you do better? Well the challenge is on because there are only certain personalities that can pull that off.

Don’t kid yourself that 10 or 15days will be the magic number for your body to change because doing it right takes time. Now, if you are a 20 something fit individual, then you are dealing with a different deck of cards. Your system is potentially more inclined to have faster positive reactions. You may be a super responder and when you look at an exercise program your friends will comment that you grew a 6pack…unfortunately, for the rest of us, it is just not that easy.

We discussed 8 hot tips last week but if we dig a little deeper we may need to look at some key variables. Namely…

Gut health: Do you have the correct balance of healthy flora where 60% of your neurotransmitters are living? Your stomach is your best friend because can provide you with systems that help with; amazing sleep, healing depression and increased vitality plus more. Fix your guts and fix your livelihood.

Digestive health: do you make the enough hcl to digest your food? If we live a stressful life we can actually inhibit the production of hydrochloric acid. It doesn't matter if you are buying the best organic veg and non-medicated meats, if you are not digesting properly you are not absorbing these healthy nutrients. Yikes.

Back to our main question: how long is long enough to wait to see and feel the results you are shopping for? Well it’s like this, if you are a 42yr old who has let a couple internal systems fend for themselves for the last 15yrs, it may take a little while. Why not step up to the challenge and invest 10% of either your life or of the time your health took that vacation. Either way you slice it, one needs to invest some serious effort. I’d say more effort than a month or two…

If you don’t know, hire a qualified professional that does.

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