Monday, October 08, 2012

Let`s talk turkey

Ok yum, Thanksgiving is here and some of us may be waking up with a turkey hangover right now. Many of us are faced with multiple meals and dinners to attend or cook. How do we stay clear of doing it wrong in the nutrition department?
Easy, there are many healthy things about Thanksgiving dinners. We just need to be careful of some of the key players like; butter, cream, gravy and pie with whipped cream out of a bottle!
Start slow and eat a healthy portion of meat before moving towards the veg. Stay calm and refrain from eating too fast. We realize the food is amazing but try putting down your fork when you mouth is full, lift your eyes and lock eyes with someone at the table. Finish what’s in your mouth, include yourself in a conversation and then move in for another bite. This little trick works wonders for any dinner party or date for that matter. Nobody likes to sit with a garbage disposal…
The reason for putting the fork down is two-fold. To enjoy your meal and to chew the food so it can be properly digested. Granma’s stuffing may be amazing but a 3rd helping will be too many calories but more importantly, very difficult to digest the next day.
If you are in charge of cooking then be sure to snack throughout the day. Don’t hammer your cooking and starve yourself as this will prove as a useful tool for overeating later.
Other suggestions:
Go for a walk after dinner to promote digestion. Hey, this is a no-brainer for us in the west coast with this wonderful 3rd summer we are having! The stars have been sharp and the crisp air will be a welcome refresher.
Sip plenty of water throughout the day and evening because your body need the hydration to help process that second serving.

Now, if it’s too late and you are dealing with a stomach full of food…don’t stress cause what’s done is done. Give thanks to those you care about it and choose to do some positive things for your health today. It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood so I hope it’s sunny and warm where you are too.

-get out for a walk or two
-snack on fibrous vegetables  
-sip water
-stay away from alcohol and treats

Make a positive move towards the healthy habits we talk about because you can do it. Choose to do it right…make a list and contact 5 people to thank for being in your life.

Have a safe and happy thanksgiving…thank you for reading ;)

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