Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What's next?

Since we’ve reconnected with our BFF’s, exposed our ultra-ego's and are now re-purposing others quotes and OMG video’s, the 64 billion dollar question (barring another poor IPO) is...... what’s next? If recent stats are correct  and we’re growing weary about updating-tweeting-liking our every whereabouts, meal, drink, catch up, routine, opinion & thought – what’s going to be the next big thing capable of feeding our insatiable appetite, fascination & absorption in..... ourselves? 

Here are 5 ideas that could keep the me-equity rolling (you saw them here 1st)

  1. be-me. When we’re born, we’re immediately connected to a video game which plays out our virtual lives with no real consequence. We attend virtual schools establish virtual relationships, hold virtual jobs, make virtual money and have virtual kids. Simply select the life we wish for us and live it consequence free (for a small fee). Perhaps the cooler we are, the greater the opportunity to get paid / sponsored to play the game. We could have try outs. Audience selects type thing. 
  2. live-me. The technology is here and so is the demand. Just put camera’s around your house, and do incredibly normal OR stupid things. Someone, somewhere is bound to find inspiration in your day to day life and the person with the most WOW’s can win a million dollars and a tv contract for their own real-live-sort-of-personal show. Kind of like The Truman Show with Jim Carrey, but not so staged... more real..... like big brother 24/7 365. 
  3. save-me. When we turn 16 we gain immediate access to McTARMART coupons (in a few years the three will have merged  to impose a monopoly over the lowest common denominators of intelligence anyways). Honeybooboo could be the face of the conglomeration and where in the old, old, old, old days (when everyone "labored" at the mine or mill), we can simply award groupons to hang at McTARMART eating & shopping using discounts we’ve downloaded.
  4. quote-me. Forget re-purposing other people’s quotes – just create your own and get all your friends to like them. The more abstract the better, but a weekly site could host & vote on a top 10 and there could be book deals, appearances and even a movie about the depth of your quotes. Years from now, people will be drinking red wine in a gallery and paying millions for your quotes as they dissect your writings and come up with theories about just what you meant when you wrote them. (Even in a recession, your quotes would keep their value)
  5. you-me. Cut the hassle from even creating the ultimate me (#1) and just assume someone else’s identity. We could set it up so you can just take all of the fun things about the people you’d rather be and.... be them! At any time, you can make believe you’re as cool as the coolest and you can build more coolness when the current cool goes out of cool (like barbie & ken in the old days swapping new duds).

If the above sounds absurd, think about your great grandfather rushing to a small box during his lunch break pounding down rail road ties to see how many people had virtually poked him or invited him to build a magical make believe farm. No seriously, close your eyes and think about you telling him how people spend their time.... on themselves. All kidding aside, don’t take this too seriously because while stats may be pointing to a downturn in twitting and facepainting, rest assured – there will be someone, somewhere who comes up with another mile wide, inch deep, super valuable (sort of) idea to keep us engaged squarely........

on ourselves.


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