Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Inefficiency at efficiency

As a qualifier, the underlying opinion here is we all have room to improve on being efficient day to day. Having said that some have much more room to grow than others.
We often hear of people being soooooo busy they don’t have another minute to squeeze in anything else, are getting run down, burnt out and the list goes on. The reality with the way our economy & opportunities are heading is those who want to survive are going to have to step up their efficiency.

Here are 5 simple tips that can help you maximize your time on task.

  1. plan ahead - never ceases to amaze how people make no to minimal time to plan, get & stay ahead. Instead of purposefully happening to each day, they let each day dictate their schedule, focus, and work flows. Planning ahead can start on Thursday for the upcoming week & November for the upcoming year. Or, we can join the millions that waste Monday’s and January’s in react mode.  
  2. write the tasks down – committing tasks to paper (computer now) increased the likelihood of them occurring by 67%. This is a proven stat which one would think successful people (by now) would know & embrace. The simple of this is as follows; open your plan and follow your road map for the day.
  3. assign tasks a time frame - ‘but there’s just not enough time in the day’ is overplayed like a bad record. Think about the millions of people tasked with an obvious greater workload than yourself. How do they do it? They must be magicians? No. They are mortals who plan ahead, write thinks down, assign tasks a time frame, focus on those tasks and magically tick them off.
  4. focus on only those tasks – we’re in the age of distractions. Take the call, log into facebook, like the instagrams, greener grass over there, potential opportunity over here and the distraction list goes on. This akin to wanting to lose weight. Don’t eat crappy food and exercise is the ‘aha solution’. If you want to be efficient, turn off all distractions.  
  5. tick off the tasks – there’s something intrinsically rewarding about getting things accomplished. Even more, there’s a great satisfaction in getting many things accomplished.

If you’re feeling inefficient at being efficient, try integrating these 5 steps into your daily habit. You will be amazed at what you can get accomplished.

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