Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Proud to be Canadian

Remembrance Day weekend has just passed us for another year and our team at SwimUpstream thought we should ensure that we recognize this important day but more importantly the people that represent this National holiday – our current and past Canadian military.

The Canadian military is considered, worldwide, to be one of the best trained, most disciplined forces.  Yet, in the history of Canada, we have never initiated a conflict.  Around the world Canada is highly respected as a peacekeeping nation.  In fact, in the history of the United Nations, no country has committed more troops to peacekeeping than Canada.

The men and women of the Canadian military have a reputation, not only for protecting the rights and freedoms of Canadians, but for standing up to those who act to take away the rights and freedoms of innocent people around the world.  We have fought, as allies of other nations in WWI, WWII, the Korean War, the Gulf War, the Kosovo War and the Afghan War, but we have also been peacekeepers in the Suez, Kashmir, Cypress, the Congo, Somalia, Bosnia, Rwanda and the Sinai.

There is a tendency at times to view Remembrance Day only from the perspective of the two World Wars but, sadly, war is an almost constant issue somewhere in the world and Canadian troops or military advisors have often found themselves in the role of protecting innocent civilians from the arbitrary actions of hostile armies.

And then, on another front altogether, there is the role the Canadian military plays in disaster relief, both in Canada and in areas around the world that need our assistance and expertise!

Our thoughts on Remembrance Day, rightfully respecting the many Canadians who have lost their lives in the various wars in which we have fought, should also be turned, with pride, to the work our troops have done in the service of others as peacekeepers and humanitarians.

As Canadians, we live in one of the most respected nations around the world. But that respect has been earned through the hard work and dedication of Canadian military personnel, many who have made the ultimate sacrifice of their own lives to fight for freedom, but many more who have served their country and then returned to live and work proudly in a place where freedom and peace is a way of life.

On Remembrance Day, we can stand proudly as Canadians, grateful for the lifestyle we are able to enjoy and even more grateful for the sacrifices and efforts of those who have given us this opportunity.

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