Monday, November 05, 2012

Selective hearing..

A weekend warrior that I train was inquiring about being tight during her ultimate games and my response was for her to arrive early before her game and warm up with the drills we have been working on. Her reply was similar to many…,’everyone is late and I don’t want to be early warming up by myself, Ill look like a dork’
Too true when it comes to many and performing stretching or warmup drills in public. Why not stretch and roll while waiting for your plane at the gate. I dig finding a wall with a plug and spreading out my stuff while stretching. I have a trigger point set that Ill use when waiting for a plane or while I may be waiting for someone somewhere…
‘You’ll look like a dork?’ I asked. I laughed at her and had to find a specific analogy that would work for her, ‘Nobody would show up unprepared for one of your meetings and maybe some people need to show up early and prep?’ She smiled and agreed. I knew I hadn’t sold her completely so I offered to show up and stretch/warm up with her..
Someone else asked me about pizza the other day and was wondering when there was a time and place to enjoy it…I was taken off guard because I was just inviting him to eat veg and drink water while he drives to work. I responded slowly and then figured out how to manage this situation. I simply asked if I could use old oil in a new car. He is a major car buff so I said, ‘old oil would work in a pinch but probably not the best thing for a sports car’. He laughed and told me it was a good comparison.
‘hey, next time you are in Italy, enjoy a thin crust but for now there are better alternatives’, I stated. He agreed and seemed to approve about eating veg and drinking water while driving to work (next Ill work on he having enough veg for the drive home!)
It’s all about creating some healthy habits to fall back on;
-earlier bedtime
-snacking on veg
-stretching during your free time…
Once you ingrain some simple ideas, moving to more difficult concepts are much more manageable. Just try not to fall victim to selective hearing cause it will only waste time on your journey of a healthy life! 

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