Monday, November 19, 2012

Some new and old habits to think about…

Leaving the phone in the bag or jacket: Once you do this you will realize the crutch that it has become in our society. We don’t need to check it every 5min and it’s interesting to see that when someone may be uncomfortable, they check their phone. Even in Fiji, where there is more eye-appealing scenery to take in, newlyweds are glued to their phones. Yikes. Try this for yourself and experience the power to be gained by not being a slave to your personal device.

Batch your email time: do not check first thing and stir the pot of issues. Everything will be fine if you wait until mid-morning to check into the wormhole of your inbox. Schedule 2 specific times to check and reply to messages. If you check all day long you will get nothing done and will only succeed in running around like a chicken with its head cut off. During these specific times, focus on the task at hand with your daytimer open to add in details where necessary.

Multitasking : it doesn't work. Work on one thing at a time and attempt to work on the most important things first. We far too often think we can tackle and issue later but completing it first and moving on will prove to decrease stress and build confidence in future endeavors.

Follow up: if you are invited to dinner, a meeting or a party, send a note afterwards and thank the person(s) involved or follow up in a professional manor. Sometimes others perceive us differently than we perceive ourselves and don’t we all want to be perceived as a pro?

Take time to soak it up: referring to the first point, we will all enhance our short time here if we are paying attention to our surroundings or that special someone who is attempting to tell or show us something. By taking the time to soak it up we will benefit from the estress and not experience as much distress…

Plan: whether it’s your meals for the following day or studying for an exam, plan to prepare ahead of time to decrease distress and benefit from your preparation. I dig the phrase, 'if we fail to plan, we plan to fail’

Have a purpose: my greatest mentor once told me, ‘Richard, there is no point without purpose’ and I couldn't agree more ;)

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day,

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