Monday, November 12, 2012


Are all stresses the same? Well for a long time I thought they were…I advised that every stress produces cortisol and excessive production of this hormone will prove to be harmful on your system(s)
From disagreements, staying up too late, workouts and not eating…these stresses are dangerous and ill-advised.

Not necessarily.

There are a couple forms of stress and in fact the 2 Ill mention are very different. Although similar in nature as they will produce stress on the mind/body we actually need stress for growth.

Eustress is made up from 2 parts; the prefix eu- derives from the Greek word meaning either well or good. When attached to the word stress it literally means, ‘good stress’

Taking it one step further, eustress can be thought of as an anabolic stress where growth can follow. Similarly like working out or reading something perhaps. The stress or stimulation will allow for growth…we all need eustress to break into new phases or life or state of mind.

Distress is then known as a stress that one cannot adapt to. Catabolic in nature where the stress is unhealthy and continued distress prove as demotivating and un-useful…therefore falling out of a moving car, 7days a week of cardio, not sleeping or arguing non-stop will not allow us to grow, rather slowly wither and weaken (both mentally and physically)

The clincher, stress and how we handle it are a state of mind. Not to say we can benefit from being attacked and mind trick ourselves into benefiting but we do have the ultimate final say in how we perceive the stress…

We all chose to think or feel certain ways when stress approaches. The big million dollar question is, how are you going to react to stress? Either eustress or distress we can benefit or loose with both.

Stress management is more important than one thinks. There are many ways to deal with stress but the best way may be to choose the stress that knocks on the door.

Vinaka vaka levu,

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