Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The American Dream

“The American Dream”

As the US election campaign comes near an end, we only thought it was fitting to share our thoughts around the golden seed at the heart of our society : the American Dream. The dream that many of us still believe everyone can live. Yet as we look around, we don’t see many (if any), of those dreams being turned into reality. The more people have kept 'dreaming' and the more they believed that they could “make a million dollars in ten days” or “lose ten pounds in five minutes a day,” the more they were, of course, let down.

The reality is, the American Dream is not a viable reality for everyone and that has been the case for as long as the dream itself has existed. We can’t all be thin and rich! But people have begun interpreting the dream in a different way, expecting the success to come to them, rather than seeking it out. Many aren't prepared to work for success like our forefathers had. Their dream was to have the opportunity to work for it, but the dreams of today was to dream it and have our fairy godmother deliver the goods to us.
As an example, we have all heard or seen the stories of the grandfather that spent over fifty years at the same company, and the mantelpiece in the living room housed the silver platter that commemorated his achievement - the platter that proved his loyalty and work ethic. That same person is the one that had literally started with a broom and ended up as the chief of operations for the world’s largest transportation system. He did it with hard work, smarts, commitment and perseverance. And those values he lived by are still valid ones today.

The American Dream didn’t condemn hard work and commitment—it embraced and encouraged those qualities. In our society, however, many of us fail to realize that there comes a point when you yourself must wake up and execute the realities of your life. No fairy godmother is coming our way.

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