Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What’s the REAL story?


We all have two stories.

#1 is the real story with an unfiltered account of events that are genuinely happening to us / us to them.
#2 is the story we tell / have told ourselves with an account of events that is filtered through our perspective but may not necessarily reflect the true narrative.

Examples of #1 stories. .

  • I don’t exercise because I have not made exercise a priority in my life
  • I’m not friendly with them because (in a two person relationship) I haven’t brought my 50%.
  • I need to communicate with the people who can make decisions about what I can do to earn more.

Examples of #2 stories.

  • I don’t exercise because there is no time.
  • I’m not friendly with them because they’ve done this to me.
  • I deserve more at my work because I’m a hard working asset to this organization.

    We create #2 stories to validate & justify decisions we make that lead to behaviors we take. They are largely created to protect our ego’s in times of vulnerability and the more we tell them to ourselves and others, the more we believe them to be the real story. #2 stories enable us to defer or deflect taking responsibility to a power that’s beyond our control. Again, this is commonplace because it’s easy.
The reality is, few things in life that are easy are worth while.

We need to stop thinking we’re going to be the #1 best seller while penning the narrative for #2.

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