Monday, December 10, 2012

38 things I've learned in 38 years…in no particular order…

-a smile goes a long way
-please and thank you like your mum said
-open doors for girls
-look in someone’s eyes when talking
-never turn down a gift
-don’t mix alcohol
-read what you are interested in
-plan before it’s too late
-touch base with friends
-take holidays and mini retirements
-pause before the first kiss
-learn how to massage
-make mistakes
-toilet seat down
-get back on the horse
-ask questions
-take new routes to same destinations
-eat candy
-cook for women
-sleep well
-stress less
-don’t wait
-learn how to build
-drive standard cars
-tell people how you feel and think
-respect anyone older
-pay it forward
-buy a wig with friends
-work for yourself
-try new things
-stand up for what you believe


Ed Alm said...

Wise words at any age

Ed Alm said...
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