Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thank you from the SUS team

As it’s a great time of year for reflection, it’s only appropriate to reflect on 6 years of Swimupstream. SUS began with a challenge; cease being a victim of circumstance, take a stance on the issues that bothered us & share those thoughts. It wasn’t important if the opinion was right. It wasn’t important if the opinion was absurd. What was important was there was a vehicle for the opinion to be exorcised. We are big believers in moving anything that can be remotely negative away from one’s person in order that it not manifest itself in something else.

From an empowerment standpoint it was important SUS harnessed the contributions from many authors. Those who (in our opinion) shared like perspectives on the world at large, possessed a vast array of life experiences and had a willingness to put it out there without fear of scrutiny. We encouraged team mates to become authors, speak up & speak out and inevitably they would become more confident in their day to day interactions. Thank you Neil, Scott, Willie, Stan, Curtis, Kris, Guy, Sasha, Meyrick, Yoshia, Matt, James, Gillian, Josh, Justine, Isabelle, Richard, Mark & Jason for all of your contributions to date.

More importantly is the law of attraction, without which there is no point in penning & sharing. Thank YOU all for reading, following, providing positive and constructive feedback on a wide variety of topics. Whether we impact 1-20 or 100 people / post, to us....

It all starts with 1. 


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