Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Boiling Lobster Phenomena

    A well documented fable tells of Lobsters dragging one another back into the boiling water and certain death in the event one tries to escape being served on the dinner table.  It’s known as the Boiled Lobster Phenomena and it is a metaphor relevant to more than fine dining. We may experience this phenomena in our own lives; be it taking bad advice from a friend, dragging someone else down because we’re going through a challenging period or subscribing to the pack mentality as we revolt against the one who got away. Without introspection and intervention it can become an inadvertent act of selfishness.
    The message in today’s post is short, sweet and simple; be sure to push those close to you up & over the edge independent of your circumstance. After all, the ultimate act of selflessness is putting others needs before yours!

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