Friday, December 21, 2012

USA. You're broke!

Dear USA.

You’re broke. There it is. Someone told you straight up. You can interchange fancy slogans and catch phrases, but at the end of the day: You. Are. Broke. The reason you’ll stay broke is because you’re looking to blame him, her or them for how you got there. Why not take a week or two to reflect on how you all got here so you don’t do what history suggests you’ll do, which is repeat this again.... And again....

I think you’re broke because you have done such a great job feeding the primary human motivators; fear & greed. People are FAT as hell with fear and greed. You do this intentionally & consistently in the name of commerce & capitalism without fully understanding it’s long term effects. [insert cliché what goes up.... here]. Re-read that last sentence three times and try to understand it has less to do with actual moneys and more to do with the mentality you’ve created in your culture [insert cliché live by the sword.... here]. 

Until that culture changes - nothing changes. Until a lot of really smart people start educating everyone on why that needs to change – nothing changes . You all seem to agree there needs to be change and accordingly elected one person to DO IT FOR you. Does that make sense? Is that sustainable? Are you seriously this naïve or have you just given up? Are you still telling yourself it doesn’t affect me? Because it does. It affects everyone and we’re seeing those affects across a wide spectrum of social issues that you’ve elected one person to solve.

We’re Canadian eh and while we may lack much of the POW / BAM / WOW factor that’s come to define everything Americana.... we’re not broke. Apathetic?... we prefer conservative. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not without our own issues and the easy money mentality is also pervasive here but we seem to have a slightly better handle on long term strategy (I can only assume, or we too would be broke too). There are other countries that are also not broke? Could they be doing something worth looking into?

I think the day Ask not what you’re country can do for you... was gunned down & eventually replaced with show me the money was the time frame in which you had people lining up en mass for their  $1.99 tickets to never land. Diverting the fiscal cliff has much deeper implications than where you’re pulling more money from. Until you get that – you will continue to (en mass) be broke.


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Brady Quinn said...

So the US is broke because of fear and greed, we'll stay broke because we blame people, and diverting a cliff is more complicated than where we pull our money from... oh, and we only elected one person to fix it.

If Canadians are paying attention I am certain they will have little to no idea what this all means.

If less salacious analysis is what anyone is looking for I would suggest The Economist, The Wall Street Journal or perhaps any newspaper.

Rants are the most powerful when they include rock-solid facts that are undeniable - their effectiveness declines rapidly when so few FACTS are included.

Merry Christmas Canada.