Monday, December 03, 2012

When is the light appearing in your tunnel?

15months ago I was run into and crashed bikes with a couple other competitors on the final corner of the whistler fondo. I finally made it to the last surgery. I woke up last week to have the metal plate removed from my shoulder. Now can focus on the plan and the other healing needed. Really can just focus on the next light in my tunnel.
Since that change of plans last September, my course has been adjusted, re-calibrated and re-established. Just that last sentence could be the biggest take away – switch it up and adjust. But…
With being faced with forced time off from business and physical pursuits, one is given time to reboot. A refreshed attitude can be obtained by this or I suppose the less desirable downward spiral one can choose to go through when something important is taken away. Getting cycling taken away bites but not enough to acquire a substance abuse problem over. Best to fall back on the basics and plan the small successes to guide myself to the bigger picture.
Really, just need to approach it with the systems and turn out a plan that can be followed. Build my rehab program and fit it into my personal plan – done. Turnkey and schedule follow ups in the plan to keep you moving in the right direction – done.
Don’t drop anchor at the sight of challenge. Plan through your adversity and run towards victory.

So jacked because I see fast moving snow in that light coming up for next week!

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