Monday, January 14, 2013

Define your own Redefinition

Did I miss the hard copy on the way out of the womb? Was there a special potion to drink when we first wake up that deciphers what we fail to understand? Nope, there isn't a guide book to this journey of ours and not even a copy of a rule book for us to check in on from time to time. We are all here alone with nothing to tell us how it is…Or are we?
How about all those who messed up before us? Can we take safe haven in their mistakes to keep us clear of repeating? Probably not, I suppose I have grown to like making small and large mistakes from time to time. Seems it keeps me on the best path for myself. Can we write the future from knowing our past? Well, many will say we can but as many will try to convince that we are unable.
What’s the best route? Well my friend that is really in the eye of the beholder.
The best bet may be to define your own redefinition. We don’t just know when we begin so Ill assume that you are like me and that you have to navigate along the way.
We have touched on these points in the past. Are you following a predetermined path? Are you happy with what you are carving out? It ain't over so just because you may be knee deep in debt and routine you are always free to make a change. There is no set design and therefore be the change that you want to see…jump! The net will appear to save you and if it doesn't, you will find a different kind of change waiting (something to work through)
-the body is designed to heal itself, just give it what it needs
-go without and stop spending for the sake of spending, try living like the other 80% of the planet who have nothing except content
-relationships can take stress, just listen more than you talk when times get hard
-start a business based on an idea and don’t listen to those who don’t believe
-learn something uncommon
-do what you are most afraid of
-leave your ego at home and help someone in need
You do not have a predetermined itinerary so put down your hand held computer and look up at the world. Break the sheeple trend and do what you want to do. There is only freedom waiting and the knowing of possibilities. We can all benefit from having a little purpose in our lives.

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