Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Difference Maker

The difference between the mindset of a winner and that of a loser is the difference that makes the difference.

The difference is between having a happy, fulfilled and joyful life or one that seems like a continuous string of obstacles and difficulties we can never seem to overcome. And that difference is choice - the choice to give up or to carry on.

It is not the problems and obstacles we face that really define us but rather our reaction and response to those hurdles - and what we take away from those experience.

In fact, most of us already know this but still we find it difficult or even impossible to break out of old habitual thought patterns that keep us locked in. Locked into non-productive and limiting negative mindsets and thought patterns.

We know and understand that we need to think and act in a "positive" manner, but we nevertheless carry on regardless, not fully committing to making those changes in our lives that will liberate us - finally.

And even when we do commit, we are often defeated by our own self-sabotage routines that slide in unconsciously and rob us of our motivation to persist and succeed in our chosen path.

The reasons for that are of course the very reasons we have a problem in the first place. Old habits die hard. In most cases our whole life is one long chain of physical and mental habits. These habits are ingrained and conditioned deep below any conscious level. They are thoughts that are outside our conscious control. They are habits and conditioned thoughts that are on subconscious auto-pilot.

And any deliberate conscious effort to make changes, are sabotaged by that part of the mind that is in real control - the subconscious mind.

Although meditation and various other self help or other development programs can yield some positive results, these results are only superficial because to create meaningful changes in our lives we need to make fundamental structural changes deep within ourselves.

We need to get to the root of our negative and self-defeating behavior and thought patterns so that we can put it all behind us and look forward.

And to do that we need to access the deeper recesses of the mind. We need to access the subconscious directly. To implant new conditioning and thought patterns based on the correct empowering beliefs that generate the correct positive empowering thoughts that lead to correct actions and good results.

We need to bypass the critical filters of the conscious mind and go directly to the source of power - your subconscious mind. That is the difference maker. 

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