Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Do not fall in the trap of looking to your resolutions to solve any of your current goals if you aren't willing to put in the effort past 2weeks. Commonly, those who participate in this are called ‘resolutioners’ and again, commonly, those people fail.
There is nothing wrong with setting goals and looking at specific dates to begin this process but the truth should be known that goal setting may need to be a full time job plus year-round. We see most resolutions revolve around health and fitness along with wellness. Additionally health and fitness goals may take a lot longer than one anticipates and knowing this, it is no wonder why many fall short of getting up at the crack of dawn in January to swim 1000m in their local pool.
Look at 2013 as a chance to create healthy habits along the way if need be. If your thoughts are focused towards thank you notes then keep track of when and be sure to complete the goals that you clearly list in your daytimer or electronic device.
Interesting enough, personal accountability plays a massive role here and potentially you may need to hire someone who has gone through this before. Along with eliciting help from family and friends, keep your ideas small until you build your confidence while building the scale of your goals. Example, you are not going to drop 50lbs in 6months but you will drop 5lbs in 1month. Think mico and build up to macro over time.
If this is something you’re challenging yourself to today, create your lists and build a plan for success. Ideally, you have already set your goals for 2013 a couple months ago but if you haven’t, it looks like you have created a goal for what you can do in Oct 2013 J

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