Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Lance in all of us.

I received a text last night from someone asking for my take on Lance Armstrong being in my business?
My first thought was can we not turn this page? Second thought was what does our business have to to with Lance? Third thought was why don’t they have people’s names come up in texts so you know exactly who’s texting (seems to be so many numbers). 

However, because I had some time to kill waiting for for my kid to finish soccer practice and someone deemed my opinion worthy, I replied with the following;

Lance Armstrong is a cancer survivor, legend, icon, son of a single parent, father to 4, boyfriend, ex husband, womanizing,  white, American, overachiever, athlete, role model, spokesperson, Olympian, team mate, captain, charismatic leader, businessman, above average hypocrite, me-centric, ego centric, ass who’s now a scorned product of a society who loves feed off the great story and then revel in the downfall, skinny, dork, really fast cyclist who cheated to reach a level of infamy we all dream of – but could only get to if we cheated.

So basically in many ways, he’s like you and me.

....on steroids.

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