Thursday, January 03, 2013


Typically these posts come first then a picture is found to match. In this instance the picture actually inspired the post. There is a trend out their in youth culture of YOLO (you only live once – a phrase used by kids, teenagers and trendy adults) which is inspiring a very detrimental trend. It goes with about 50 songs that have recently been written about dying young, forever young or a variety of other variations on the same concept. That concept is that it is cool to live hard and fast regardless of the consequence because you only live once.

The reality of the situation is that people who live hard young typically regret their actions later on in life. Once people realize that they actually reached peak stupidity between the ages of 15-21 and the “great” ideas they had were not actually rocket science they wish they had been a little (or a lot) smarter, worked harder, saved money, taken care of their bodies etc… but try telling a 16 year old that! I can see their eyes rolling from here.  One of the obvious questions raised is the YOLO trend inspired by pop culture or youth culture? Is the attitude of the young being reflected in their music or is the culture reflecting what they think is cool. I don’t have the answer to that one, but either way it is not a good thing.

The concept of YOLO is very similar to the idea of YOGO (not sure if I made this up or if it is used already so I claim no ownership). YOGO or “you only get one” is an adults version of YOLO because once you hit a certain age you realize that life is a lot shorter than you had previously imagined and that a high quality of life is very important if you want to enjoy the brief time that you get. So to all those people who think it is cool to party hard and live like there is no tomorrow I say that hopefully there is a tomorrow and hopefully you are not sick, injured, paralyzed, dead, or anything else that can negatively affect your life when tomorrow comes. Live your life like you only get one because guess what. YOU ONLY GET ONE.

~ Yoshia

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