Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Do Not Be Judgemental

Human beings are not born being judgemental, yet even during our first few years we can develop this tendency, which can dramatically impact us as adults later on in life. When we walk into a room full of people that we don't know, we will gravitate to a group that we judge to be similar to who we are ourselves.

When we go networking, we walk into a room and look around and decide in our minds who we are going to talk to and why. We look and our little voice inside our head comes up with some statements:

  • Too old or young to be my client. 
  • I know somebody who looks like that and they are not successful. 
  • Too bubbly for me. 
  • That person seems arrogant (do not mistake this for confidence). 
  • That person would be the easiest to talk to!
  • They are not dressed professionally. 
  • I don't like the way they look. 
All these key judgements stop us from talking with people who could easily become our next biggest client or even introduce us to people would could become our clients. 

I went to a networking event a few years ago, and there was a lady in a wheelchair who was definitely in her seventies or even possibly early eighties, and nobody was talking to her. I had the judgement go through my head that said that we have no clients her age, she is probably retired, etc. These thoughts kept going through my mind until I said myself, "go and speak with her. What do I have to lose?" I went to her, she was so enthralled that I would take the time to speak with her , and she introduced me to her three daughters who all have their own businesses - all three daughters are now clients of mine and have introduced us to their business associates & colleagues. It was a $30,000 contract that evening. 

This may not happen every time you go out, but you will not know what results you can get until you take the judgement out of the way and just go up to people and speak with them. It is actually one of the most powerful skills you can learn in life as a business owner. 

The opposite of this is also true. Now that you understand that people judge you before you have even opened your mouth as to whether or no they will speak with you, the way you show up to public event is critical to your success. When you leave home or your office, you should be dressed for success. I promise you that you will get treated very differently at events when you show up in a suit rather than a pair of jeans - I don't care what industry you are in. The way you respect yourself is the judgement that people will have about you, whether consciously or subconsciously, and whether you talk with them or not. 

We said before that the highest energy wins, and no matter how you are feeling, you need to show up with a smile and warm welcoming energy, even if you have just loss a massive order or had an argument with a spouse or business partner. Suck it up, put a smile on your face, and go out with a winning attitude. 

Remember the highest energy almost always wins!

-Thanks to Colin Sprake author of "Entrepreneur Success Recipe" and loyal customer of Innovative Fitness!

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