Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Get busy living!

I am going to die
 Morose as that may seem, it is an inevitable reality that I’m not disillusioned enough to reject. My theory is that when we’re born, the clock begins counting backwards to our inevitable conclusion. We really don’t know when that alarm is going to sound and while there are plenty of common sense practices we can employ to hit snooze thus extending our lifespan, by in large we have a shelf life.  I think about death, not related to it’s finality, rather as inspiration for life & living. For myself, it’s important to embrace our lifespan inevitability & focus on all the things I want to accomplish while I can.

For me, these things fall into three specific categories.

  1. Living while I’m alive.
  2. Leaving  a legacy
  3. Not taking life for granted.

Living while I’m alive.
    Unlike most people who fall prey to staging their lives eg: I’m going to do this.... and then I’ll do this... and then when I’m retired I’ll do this, I prefer to combine as many aspects from as many different stages of life at the same time. Work, coach, raise kids, new friendships, travel, explore, spend & save. By no means do I believe to be superior or smarter than anyone else, but for myself I don’t want to have missed anything by way of a wait and see attitude. When you wait for things to happen – they don’t normally happen. When you make them happen, they do and I’d rather happen to my life rather than having my life happen to me. I don’t want to have a last thought of regret for something I didn’t get to. I want my last though to be THAT WAS AWESOME.... with a great big smile

Leaving a legacy.
    With life being a gift, there has to be a mechanism for paying it back by paying it forward. This should be mandatory and I wish that when we were born the Dr would bring us out and say; look kid, here’s the agreement I clear the fluid from your lungs and let you breath if you promise to do your part in leaving this party in as good as or better condition than you found it. If you can’t do that, what’s the point? Really, what is the point? Not a good experience for you & not a good experience for anyone else. I see many people selfishly making their lives about themselves and it’s too bad because life is meant to be an ecosystem. They are missing out by not contributing and others are missing out from their lack of contribution. Leaving a legacy doesn’t need to be a million dollar endowment. Leaving a legacy is as simple as doing ONE positive thing for ONE OTHER person each day. Simple.

Not taking life for granted.
    It seems very difficult for us to think beyond & ahead of ourselves. We simply lack that vision and it’s hard work. But if we were able to fast forward our monitors to see what the last 1-3 years of our lives would look like, how many of us would be compelled to change a few things? Exactly, so why not think about that now and change them now?  Regardless of circumstance remind yourself of one thing; somewhere – someone in the world has it worse off than you do (taking that one step further, they are probably doing more with less).

Get out, go out and kick the crap out of life today!

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