Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hitting homers

We’re hitting home runs again and it feels great. You know that feeling when the things you’re working on are happening and you’re in the flow? This wasn’t the case a year ago. We lost focus and as a result we lost momentum. Some may say it’s not possible to achieve continual momentum however I disagree and here are 5 ways you can ensure you keep your train moving.

  1. Anchor your focus with a plan. Nothing new here. No plan, no purpose, no point. If you are a successful business person or even a regular SUS subscriber, you will have heard, or are already implementing this. If you are new to the game of success, this is where to start. I am continually amazed by both the power of a well executed plan as well as the number of businesspeople who consciously avoid mastering the planning habit. Then again, that’s why planning & goal setting has turned a 5 cent fix into a billion dollar self help industry.
  2. Surround yourself with the right people. Last year we had the wrong people in our business early in the year and never seemed to recover. These people were not bad people by any stretch of the imagination, in fact they were great people in the wrong roles. We were not benefitting them, nor were they benefiting us in the end. It is said that every poor hire who remains with your organization is a cost of 10k minimum. This really underscores the value of hiring the right people. The same can be said in your life where the emotional cost can be even higher.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Looking back, our ego’s prevented the support from reaching us. This isn’t the first time, ego’s played a role in our downturn, but it will certainly be the last if we’re smart. One of the key phrases we’ve learned over the years is to align & engage people who are smarter than you to help take you to the next level. This is what we did and not surprisingly it is paying dividends. When we’re above learning the lessons (even if they are the same lessons), it’s a matter of time before we hit the downward trajectory. We’re making national connections with a really strong team.
  4. Be consistent. In some of our projects we’ve been trying to engage people between two to five years now. How many people do you think would have given up? We didn’t and two to five years later, they are at our table... with their support. Part of the reason they are at our table is because we were consistently following with our original plan and able to demonstrate we were not a one shot wonder who would quit when things got tough. With consistent, comes professional persistent. You don’t usually step up to the plate on day one and the ball out of the park.
  5. Understand the process. We often give this advice when speaking with aspiring entrepreneurs. When you have an idea, it is akin to swimming across a two mile channel with your success on the other side. The 1st mile is infested with naysayers who tell you the reasons why your idea will not work. The 2nd mile is infested with arm chair experts who (without the full picture / understanding of your idea), will tell you all the modifications you need to make. Very few ideas make it to success because they drown in others ‘help’. Sometimes, you need to put on a great-big-fake-grin while others are helping you reach your success and just keep on swimming. It’s kind of like the start of an triathlon swim.

Please feel free to take the tidbits of wisdom and use them to help you, help yourself & your organization. They are tried, tested & true and speaking from personal experience, it feels much better to hit home runs (or even double & triples) than to keep striking out in the game of life.

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