Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I hate Prevent Defense.

For those that don’t know what that is here is a very brief explanation. Prevent D is a sports system that basically puts everyone on defense for the last few minutes of a game. Be it football, basketball, soccer or any other team sport, the premise is that the team that is winning by a small margin tries to play out the last remaining time by playing all out defense. And normally it is not formally trained but rather a reactionary way to hold on for the win. And I hate it. I’m sure statistically it has merit and I am sure we could have a sporting argument for and against but I don’t care. Prevent Defense is terrible.

First of all, I am opposed to teams and athletes abandoning what they were doing well to do something completely different in the game. Secondly, why play with fear? When you watch or play in a game like this you can see the expectation of conceding a buzzer beating score. There is resistance and there is fear. Players get anxious and they begin to do the exact opposite of what they had been doing to be in a position to win. The culture of the team changes.
The music industry has been playing prevent defense for a decade. So have newspapers. And non-profits. And big corporations.And they are losing.

What’s needed is strong leadership and a calm mind. Two minutes more to play so keep doing what your doing but now do it better and with every last ounce of energy you have. Our plan will work or fail in that short time and if it does fail we can adjust for the next match. But for now, we won’t abandon our original idea in the last few minutes.

Failing is allowed. That is never the problem. The problem is when we don’t trust ourselves, we don’t adjust at the appropriate times and instead we react in the moment or play out our lives anxiously awaiting disaster. That is just fear.  We are too quick to change in the heat of battle rather than be patient and really looking at why we should change.

Are you changing plans at the wrong time? Are you playing with fear?

Stop playing Prevent Defense in your life. Go out and do what you planned on doing. Adjust strategically and with proper planning and above all execute your calling really well.

Written by Willie Cromack: Play it forward. <>

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