Monday, March 11, 2013

Can’t wait to take your shoes off?

Have you ever noticed that you can’t wait to get your shoes off after a workout? Well, your foot has had to work really hard to support you and all of your activities, along with being hot and sweaty.

Slip your foot into something that makes you go ahhhhhh, after a workout or a long day at the office.

Recovery footwear allows your feet to relax, allowing bones and muscles to reposition themselves into their correct places. The footwear needs to be wider, not constrictive, and should support your arch.

And with Spring Break fast approaching these would be great for the beach!

Here are some recommendations:

Sole Sport and Casual Flip-Flops

A fantastic flip-flop that supports the arch, cups the heel and provides all day comfort while walking around. These would be great for those tropical destinations or even at home.


Sole Sigh/Exhale

A great recovery shoe that can be a home slipper as well. With a Sherpa wool lining, an antimicrobial agent to control odour, and a supportive footbed, this slipper could be used as an everyday shoe as well. With a flip down heel you can slip into these with ease after your training session at Innovative Fitness!

Come into any of the Kintec locations so that you can try on all the different styles and colours! Or check them out on our webstore right now during our Spring Break sale!

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