Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Heard the warnings, read the headlines, but until it was relevant for me... how could it be truly relevant for me? They say having kids is humbling and I would have to agree. Life becomes less about you & more about others if you want to succeed and that in itself is humbling.

2012 was a particularly challenging year for two very close friends of mine. Both suffered significant losses and quite frankly it was humbling to bear witness to their humility. Generally speaking, we are not a humble species because of that muscle between our ears & the three letter word - EGO. We start off humble, most can recount humble beginnings and then get thrown into the entitlement washing machine where we begin soaking in our own ink. 

I’ve seen it
I’ve seen the cycle of humility through our business model.  X customer walks through the door with low self esteem, plugs themselves into the IF system and begins to be empowered. It’s amazing to watch & a privilege to be a part of. Most are thankful and reciprocate by paying it forward & genuine acts of gratitude and this is why we love our jobs. But there are also a few who come through the exact same photosynthesis having lost the perspective by the end of things. They forget about the physical & emotional investment, the small steps, their 1st experience. They become the experts, based on their aptitude (which is great) but incorrigible based on their attitude (which is too bad). Essentially, they lack humility. I've witnessed the same with some former team mates.

I’ve been it.
I’ve been that guy. The guy on facebrag who starts believing the life he’s presenting mirrors the life he’s leading. Look at me! Where I’ve been! Who I’m with & what we’re doing! I tried tweeting for a week before I began hating myself and I’m hoping instagram runs its course before my kids get the the age where these superficial distractions waste their time. Is it fun or  fantasy and what message was i sending to whom! My closest friends aren’t even on facebrag. I was the guy on board with the create your own brand propaganda that’s permeated our less than humble  social media driven society. I was also the guy who thought he was above another business or life lesson. The reality is I’m not. 

I am just a guy. A guy who’s experienced both fortunes & misfortunes through a half life. NO DIFFERENT from everyone else. I'm not buying what I'm being sold - i need to be more humble.

I loathe it.
I loathe people who are not humble – who doesn’t? In my mind we are all salespeople at the end of the day. We have all (at some point) had to sell;  ourselves, our services, our products & our knowledge and we get paid for doing so. The degree to which we get compensated is often reflected by the hours & effort invested and the value society places on our services. Because we may have reached a point in our lives where we have more knowledge, money, power, influence, opportunity etc – does not mean we should relinquish one of the most basic & respected human traits; humility. I do not define humility as not rewarding oneself for ones hard work, chasing one’s dreams and sharing one’s beliefs.  I define humility as always remembering we one came from & our authentic value to the world. 

Which in many cases is very small... and humble.

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