Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Technology is Not the Answer

The call to get healthy is everywhere. There is no escaping it. North America is trying to get healthy.

In this growing age, technology and health have been at war with each other. It is assumed (and now becoming a fact) that prolonged time on the computer or playing video games is in direct conflict with your health.

However – there are companies are trying to change that. For example, the introduction of the Wii was a big turning point for video games.

Before, gamers were assumed to be sedentary during their entire play. With the Wii, gamers are required to get physically interactive with their games. This paved the way for other physical gaming devices such as the Xbox Kinect and other “virtual reality games.”

With these video game systems, people can do yoga and other exercise programs without having to leave the comfort of their own home. Each gaming system has a variety of games that are targeted just to make people more healthy.

And although fitness fanatics might believe that this solution is targeted for the lazy parents (and gaming kids)…the reality is, even if it is – it’s better than no activity.

In addition, the choice of food and exercise can be tough, and it is not always a choice that comes naturally. This is where apps like MyFitnessPal comes in. This app, available for both Android and iPhone, allows its users to input what food they ate, where they ate it and determine how that plays into their calorie allotment. It’s the heart rate monitor for your diet…a tool of accountability. This app includes hundreds of restaurant chains, and their nutritional information. The app also allows its users to input how much exercise they did, which can extend the calorie “allowance.”

Yet, on our journey to get healthy, many often forget that we still need to do the work. Whether we have the latest gadget like the Nike Fuelband or the Jawbone Up…or we have the latest app downloaded on our phone – we still have to manage what we put in our mouths and ensure we are being consistent with getting active. Because as we know, technology doesn’t feed us food nor does it stimulate our muscular and cardiovascular systems to get fit…these are the tracking tools to help you stay accountability on your journey to get you where you want to go.

Technology is not the answer – it's additional support to help you. The answer lies in your motivation to get it done!

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