Monday, April 15, 2013

Are you running in this year's Suburban RUSH?

Come and visit Kintec at Suburban RUSH on Saturday April 27th in Port Moody/Anmore.

What is Suburban RUSH? It is a 30 Km adventure race that incorporates teams of two or solos, that must complete 20km on mountain bike and 10 km of trail running. They also have mystery challenges that test the teams’ skills and wits.

Based on their fitness level it may take any where from 2 - 6 hours to complete. Suburban RUSH will also challenge seasoned racers with a great sprint race and primer for the season ahead. 

Kintec will be at the start and finish line at Buntzen Lake with our mobile fit lab trailer. Don't forget to stop by to say hello, and for your complimentary video gait analysis.

Here are a few training tips from Kintec's Fitting Experts and Certified Pedorthists.

In the excitement of finishing a race, runners too often forget their carefully orchestrated stretching routine. With the addition of a hard effort, the result is a stiff, achy body the next day and slower recovery.

As a runner, hopefully you are well acquainted with stretching and incorporate it into your cool down routine. Some of the most important areas to stretch are the calf muscles. There are two large muscles that make up the calf: the soleus and the gastrocnemius. 

There are a few different stretches to target these muscles after running. Have a look at our Calf Stretch brochure. These can easily be done during your day as well.

In addition to stretching, always remember to refuel your body within 15 minutes with a healthy carbohydrate such as a piece of fruit. Within a half hour of finishing your race, have a protein shake or bar to aid in the repair of your damaged muscles.

Lastly, after months of training, it is time to look at replacing your shoes. Check out Kintec’s great selection and expert fitting staff for a new pair of shoes to tackle your next race.


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