Thursday, April 11, 2013

Being Feet

There are many important parts of the human body. The head houses the brain and provides a place for your face to sit, the body holds your organs and represents your largest area of mass, and your legs are your primary means of locomotion. When it all comes down to it, however, the base of your support, the under-valued/under-recognized contributor to your bodies is us, your feet. We feet are the behind-the-scenes contributors, the foundations of the house, the unnoticed yet essential support system to the whole grand operation.

Organizations work like organisms. There are many contributing parts and systems that make up the whole. Not everyone can be the head or the face of a company or group, but does being feet make us less important to the overall system? Not by a long shot!

Feet are arguably one of the most important components of the body but are often unappreciated. That lack of recognition can lead to us not being valued members of the team when, in fact, we are an integral part of the overall function.

Understanding our role and being the best feet we can be is an essential part of contributing to a high level organization. It is no less honorable or important a role than the head although, if we decide we want to be the head, we better work our way up the body slowly or the whole thing will go head over heels!

Every team, every business, and every group needs parts that function in their role at the highest level possible if they are going to be successful. We feet need to be the best feet we can be. We don’t expect the appreciation that a nice pair of legs gets, we don’t assume that we will get noticed like a nicely equipped head, but we do always remember that, if we are being good feet, then the team, group, or body is moving forward in the right direction. Also remember that, if there is an ass to be kicked, we are the only ones capable of doing it.
          We are your feet. Take care of us for we can take you places!!

          ~ Yoshia

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