Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Don't TALK. DO.

If you’ve heard one, you’ve heard em all. The next idea, opportunity.... next big thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the eternal optimist by nature & an entrepreneur / dreamer at heart but at some point your value is in the real numbers. To be more specific the return on the capital, energy & resources you invest needs to be equal to (worse case), or greater than (best case) the investment to make your brainchild make long term $ence. 

So if 1/5 businesses & ideas makes it to 5 years and .5 of the remaining make it to 10 – what’s with all the TALK?
  1. talk is cheap. Dirt cheap. Free, in fact so free it’s too free. I advocate charging abusive talkers. Some people talk so much they wake you up at night because there sleep talking. My friends tell me - your quiet, what’s wrong? #1: how can I talk when you haven’t shut up & #2: I like to talk when I have something meaningful to add. Not just meaningful to myself, meaningful to you too! Damn, I’m respecting your time as well!
  2. the more you talk, the better your idea sounds. You’ll end up walking around talking about it to everyone until you eventually find someone loyal or bored enough to listen, which gives you a false-positive validation, thus amplifying your talking. My favorite (and I’ve done this) is finding those good-natured folks who always say AMEN to your talk and add to it... with their talk. You could do this, and then we could do that - and before you know it, you’ve both talked yourselves into a frenzy only to be CRUSHED by the reality of EXECUTION...... (oh Hi Kev)
  3.  the more we talk about it the less time we actually spend doing it. It’s like a false sense of accomplishment because you're talking about it – so technically, you are doing something right? WRONG. You’re STILL STUCK IN TALK MODE. You want to find out if something works or not DO IT. Get the results and then decide if their is an appetite for what you’re cookin. 
Young people, middle aged people & old people. From a business perspective, I can (with a high degree of certainty) assure you that your managers, bosses & customer are less interested in your ideas & intentions than they are with your actions & execution.

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