Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Show us... the value?

I love sports. I mean I am a nerd. I will watch the games, read the story after watching and catch the highlights at the end of the day. I will phone friends to dissect that certain play and give my opinions when asked about style, jersey colors and even what I would have done if I’d have been coaching. I take my kids to the stores and I view replays online.
First class sports nerd. Not ashamed.

What I don’t do is spend time online or offline where I don’t get bang for my buck or anything back for my time. I’ll switch the channel to a different personality if I think you are trying to sell me. I’m not interested in a female sports caster if she doesn’t know her stuff. I’ll watch her all day if she’s the best. No fluff please. I don’t go to stores to see the latest jersey if I know you only bring in the latest, greatest stuff in size medium. Once. I want to see retro stuff and new stuff. Rare and fun stuff too.

You’ve got to look like you care as much as I do. I’m not subscribing to your online newsletter if you don’t add something to my knowledge bank. I’m not looking for a glorified article that tries to get me to click-through to your sales page. I know who scored because I watched it. I want more.

I want value.

And so do your customers. They want something more and they really want a reason to keep coming back to throw some money in your jar.

Your donors don’t want to know how much you have raised. They can see that on the brutal thermometer on your website. They want to know what you’ve done with their money and what you will keep doing to solve the problem. Your loyal customer wants to know what else is going on. There are thousands of ways to add value and support your fans.

There’s the pub that puts on a brew-fest or has a taster’s evening for their loyal customers. Those customers that know more than you about all things beer.

There’s the playhouse that does a tour backstage for the upcoming season or show. Just to season ticket holders.

The sport team that does the same thing and finishes with an autograph session.

The newsletter that goes so deep into the stats that only the fervent few even get it…but there is value. Real value.

We want value. And you are the expert.

You have so much to offer. So much to share. So much to keep our excitement and enthusiasm going.

Give us everything you’ve got and chances are we will give you our attention, our time and our money.

Simple trade really.

What can you provide us?
What’s your value?

Go. Make a difference. (credit to Willie Cromack @ the Age of Impact

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