Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Don't Wait...

for the next tragedy to remind you of what is important. It's not worth it because eventually it will be too late. We've all been there; staying late at the office, meticulously planning our diets, or ensuring we're getting our required exercise into our routines...however, these are just some of the things we should keep up with the majority of the time. But what about the real important items?

Tragedy struck Boston recently with the bombings that took place at the annual Boston Marathon. Tragedy also struck Oklahoma with the tornado that ripped through the town of Moore. Both of these events are emotionally impacting many people - whether it be directly or indirectly. In fact, it probably provided perspective for many of us. 

Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a tragedy like the Boston Marathon bombing or the Oklahoma tornado to remind us what truly is important in life. We get so caught up in things like how much money we make, the next to do at our work, or the stress of maintaining a tidy home, that we often forget about the things that really matter to us.

Today, we challenge you to go out of your way, to plan, and to spend time with your loved ones or do whatever it is that you care most about. Working late at the office or sweeping the floors at home can wait another day.

Don't wait. Do. 

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