Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Focus. And the fundamantals of business excellence.

I must have drove my business partner absolutely crazy. To be honest, knowing now what I didn’t know then I’m not sure how he didn’t strangle me early on in our business partnership. The problem; my lack of focus on doing one thing well before moving on to the next thing. It wasn’t as intentional as it was natural but none the less, I’m sure I contributed to many a sleepless night. 

The day-to-day aspects of doing great business were (dare I say) boring to me. I've since come to learn the reality of great business & team success is contingent on repeating the same fundamentals day after day & play after play. This isn’t always exciting and they say you come to understand that in your 40’s. You learn & know very little in your 20’s, everything in your 30’s and then understand it in your 40’s. I’m hoping this is true. The wasted time, money & energy around corralling players & keeping teams focused can be exhausting.

This may explain why it’s near impossible for modern sports teams to re-create some of the great dynasties that existed back when. So many more distractions. So many other things we’ve got to be & do. A singer, isn’t just a singer turning our great music after great music. Now a singer also needs to be actor, soft drink endorser & reality series game show host... and eventually, they get further removed from the focus that brought them fame & fortune in the 1st place.

I rationalized my behavior as the creative type and supported that with what I wanted to believe from our personality markers. The truth is, I was undisciplined & unfocussed and it cost us at various points through our business. It’s the simple as the cliché, you can focus 100% on doing one thing well, or 50% on two, or 33.3% on 3 and the list goes on. The reality is you’ll get out of it – exactly what you invest into it and the rest will become nothing more than excuses for why things didn’t work.

Think about the example
as it may relate to your life and/or business. Are you remaining focused on doing few things well or are you spreading yourself thin? Are you achieving the results you're striving for or spinning your wheels? If the answer is latter then perhaps what your results are trying to tell you is...

more focus on doing less things well. 

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