Friday, May 10, 2013

Food Swap

After reading a book called Wheat Belly I have been convinced to go for it and give it a try, so I have cut out wheat from my diet. Most people will have something to say about this and ask me “why?” I can say I have joint pain and “gastrointestinal” problems or I can say because I want to. Both are the truth.

Where to start when you are swapping the old foods with the new comers? There are the obvious foods you will have to avoid but it also made me take a closer look at anything that I was purchasing that was not a “whole food” when getting my groceries. In fact it is the easiest to stick to only whole foods because you just can’t go wrong and you don’t have to look at a label!

First place I had to take a good look at was lunches. In the last year I have taken a job, where I am driving a lot more. During my transition from my previous job, preparing food took a back seat. I found myself a regular at Starbucks, a place I could both hook up to Internet to work and get a sandwich. Since I have been back to preparing my food and taking it with me I started to grocery shop a lot more again and eat the food I have in the fridge instead of letting it rot, and throwing my money in to the garbage.

One thing about grocery shopping is some people tend to love it and others despise it. First tip, and really take this seriously, is don’t go to the store hungry.  In fact don’t leave your home with out a piece of fruit and small palm sized handful of nuts. This is a great snack that will be the reason you do not buy that dry, tasteless scone at the store even when you don’t even like scones.

Next, watch the gluten-free foods as they are made with ingredients that may skyrocket your blood sugar. I won’t go in to this in detail but I do recommend reading Wheat Belly. In fact, the Wheat BellyCookbook has all the great information in a lot less pages.

Give yourself time to adjust to any major diet changes you wish to implement. And don’t cheat because you will get over the “hump” and withdrawal period. This goes for coming off sugar, wheat, anything. You will salivate when you see what you cannot have but it will pass. Promise.

Vegetables are your friends, your very best friends. Eat these first and you will be full. Water, fiber and nutrients will be in your “belly” and with a little lean protein you will be on the fast track to feeling incredible!

What works for one person out there is not the tell all answer for everyone but you can’t go wrong when you swap in the old habits for some fresh “whole” new ones.

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