Monday, May 27, 2013

Columbia Drainmaker II's

Are you participating in wet and muddy races this year such as the Canucks Adventure Challenge, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, or Warrior Dash?

How do you know which kinds of shoes are going to be the best for your feet?

Well, we have a great option for you! Columbia has come out with the Drainmaker II.
The Drainmaker is a hybrid runner-style shoe with a lightweight mesh upper that has built-in water drainage ports in the heel and forefoot. These specially designed drainage ports allow any liquids to exit the shoe ASAP. It’s really a unique combination of a running shoe, a casual shoe, and a water sport shoe.

All of this means that when you emerge from the chilling water, you’ll be able to concentrate on having fun and winning the race without worrying about the weight of the shoe slowing you down due to the water or mud. Since the Drainmaker is still an enclosed shoe, your feet will be protected no matter what you are racing through. Watch this short video and see the Drainmaker in action!

Despite all of this, the Columbia Drainmaker isn’t considered a “barefoot” shoe. It offers a lot of cushioning and has similar qualities to a traditional runner. So it’s not just a niche product.

Check out our stylish Drainmaker colours at our Kintec stores, our web store, or at our next community "water event", the Rio Tinto Dragonboat Festival, June 21-23 at False Creek!

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